#Mbhave performs 'The Grape Dress' at LMAK Gallery, NY July 2019

Performance: Mbhave chanson at Berlin, NY, Nov 25, 2018

Performance: Mbhave Grape Dress at Berlin, NY, Oct 14, 2018

The Artist Cooks for Friends of Participant Inc, NY, Feb 26, 2018

Mbhave performs free wild and delicious at Participant Inc, NY, June 2016

Diary of a Forgotten Actress, 2015

Endurance, 2017

the heart, 2017

Sculpture Eats a Painting, 1974. Super-8 movie of performance

Miss Kerr performs Sardine Strip at De Appel, Amsterdam, 1976

Busy with Cows, 1975. Super-8 movie. Camera: Suzann Pitt

Voices, women’s voices, 2018